With the continuous increment of new members, CAMFEBA needs to work much harder in representing and safeguarding the members’ interest. However, we strongly believe that all the successes we achieved would not have happened if there had been no active participations and supports from all members. We believe that our team will bring and utilize our knowledge and experiences to strengthen and leverage the service of CAMFEBA to the highest appreciation and satisfaction from our members.

Mr. Tep Sophoan
General Manager    
Contact Info
Phone: +855 12 634 055 | +855 10 888 388  
Sophoan shares more than ten years’ experience in external relations working with companies and organizations within the public and private sectors. His vast experience in business development, sales and marketing management provides a strong platform in customer service and communications.

With a strong background in leading the membership services departments, Sophoan has been provided an opportunity to drive the operations of CAMFEBA as the General Manager by bringing together members of CAMFEBA in strengthening the employers’ voice and to achieve excellence practices in their business. He coordinates all teams together involved in public awareness activities, membership events and external relations for the association.

Having a strong commitment with CAMFEBA for years, he has built up his significant networks within Cambodia and international through attending and leading workshops, liaising with international labour organizations and other international development agencies. His ability to professionally communicate with all levels of business, government and international organizations . Sophoan drives in facilitating various local and international events for CAMFEBA illustrate his ability to assess the correct forum to deliver the message and/or information.

In conjunction with his professional background, Sophoan obtained BA in Economics. In his recognition of the importance of ongoing personal development, he has also completed his MBA and many international programs.

Mr. Keo Chhorthong
   Training and Membership  
 Services Manager  
Contact Info
Phone: +855 86 447 514  
As the Training and Membership Services Manager for the Federation, Chhorthong has the significant roles to lead in mobilizing resources through various forms of training, membership and marketing activities, work with team to develop and analyze client need assessment and scope of services. He also has been involving with marketing strategies to promote CAMFEBA and its services with General Manager.

Prior to onboarding with CAMFEBA, he has practical experiences what involved as university lecturer, Branch Manager, curriculum committee and English program consultant for university and private schools in Phnom Penh. He has gained experience in teaching career for many years on soft skills and philosophy at higher education level. Indeed, he seeks to understand the effect of educational technologies on teaching methodologies and learning to improve and achieve the learning outcomes. 

He graduated with B.Ed. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and M.Ed. in Administration and Leadership from Cambodian Mekong University, Phnom Penh.

Mr. CHEANG Sipheng
 Senior Membership Services  
Contact Info
Phone: +855 077 792 721  
As Senior Membership Services Executive for CAMFEBA, Sipheng has the significant roles to participate in mobilizing resources through various forms of training, membership and marketing activities. He also works with team to develop and analyzes client need assessment and scope of services. He also has been involving with marketing strategies to promote CAMFEBA and its services with Training and Membership Services Manager.

Prior to onboarding with CAMFEBA, he has practical experiences in the fields of Operations Management as well as Sales and Marketing in similar industry and other industries for years. He also has gained knowledge and experiences in teaching and training on soft skills for various industries across the country. Out of his work experiences, he has developed various teaching methodologies for diverse students and trainees in order to achieve maximum outcome.  

He graduated Bachelor degree on Business Administration majoring Management from Pannasastra University of Cambodia. Mr. Sipheng is Cambodian, but he is fluent in English and speaks basic Chinese Mandarine.

Mr. Sorn Kakada
Membership Services Executive  
Contact Info
Phone: +855 15 888 895  

My name is Kakada SORN graduated from Royal University of Agriculture Cambodia. Prior joining CAMFEBA, has been worked numerous of difference sector including customer service industries, business industries, real estate industries. In addition, have a chance to work close with between china government and Cambodia government to development the term of collaboration in a main role of personal assistant. Due to the fact of interested in communication, always want to increase capacity to meet client and how together can achieve the goal. Communication could possibly make the abilities and opportunities to link the network. That is why joining CAMFEBA can obtain chance for networking.  

Role responsibilities at CAMFEBA: Membership Executive team ensure to promote the member to join with CAMFEBA and also working closly with training department team for advertise and organize the event or training program.

Mr. Chhuon sothear
Membership Services Assistant  
Contact Info
Phone: +855 10 238 115  
As a membership-assistant of Cambodian Federation of employer and Business Association- CAMFEBA, his main responsibility is to support membership team to promote CAMFEBA’s membership through sponsorship and advertisements. Moreover, he takes part in sale and marketing activities through calling and following up the potential clients for training. He also assists membership team to coordinate event as well as training program and help entry the data of the membership applicants.

Prior to joining CAMFEBA, he used to intern as a short-term data enumerator where he responsible for collecting the data in targeted area, coding and entry the data. He also engages in school activities working in event management team and assists program coordinator in hosting event and international program.

Mr. Chhuon sothear graduated his bachelor degree of Business English at Cambodian Mekong University and another bachelor degree of Economic Development at Royal University of Phnom Penh Recently. He speaks English and Khmer very well.



Ney Mey          
      Ms. Ny Mey 
Legal and Information Officer
Contact Info
Phone: +855 12 299 531  

As a Legal and Cambodian Information of Employers and Business Associations (CAMFEBA), she is responsible on providing legal advice and keeps updated to members through email and phone call on issue related to labour law and other regulations. Moreover, she represents CAMFEBA in workshop/meeting as assigned, responsible to translate law, regulations, minute of meetings and other related documents from English into Khmer and from Khmer to English, collect, analyze and disseminate information that are of interest to members including the analysis of arbitral award, laws and regulations

Prior joining CAMFEBA, she has work as a legal office executive at telecommunications company where she had to respond many task such as draft agreement, control the laws and regulations, check and amendment of entire agreement, check the legal procedure to ensure the legality, arrange the meeting with all related parties, and legal translation. Furthermore, in this position, she had been promoted from legal translation officer which mad she familiar with legal term and legal terminology. Beside this experience, she had been volunteered in many NGOs to improve her public speaking and communication skill.

Ms. NY Mey was the exchange student from Indonesia in legal field and she graduated her bachelor decree of Law at Royal University of Law and Economic (RULE) in 2017. She speaks Khmer and English well.


      Ms. Saing Lyneth 
Legal Compliance Officer
Contact Info
Phone: +855 12 634 045  

Ms. Saing Lyneth is an Acting Legal Compliance Officer of CAMFEBA. She is responsible to provide labour and commercial compliance advisory to members on issues pertaining to legal obligations with the Royal Government of Cambodia, support members to declare the legal compliance implementation and applications to related ministries, keep members informed on new/update legal compliance procedures with Ministry of Labour, NSSF, and others.

Prior joining CAMFEBA, Lyneth used to volunteer with NGOs, YVSD club, and joining several social activities. In line with her career development, she has developed several essential skills at work such as communication, master of ceremonies (MC), interpersonal abilities, problems solving technique, work flow process and action plan.

Ms. Saing Lyneth is pertaining the Bachelor Degree of Law at Royal University of Law and Economics. She can speak Khmer and English very well.




Ms. Srun Sopheap     
Accountant Executive   
Contact Info
Phone: +855 012 998 516 

As Accountant Executive of Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations- CAMFEBA, she has the main roles and responsibilities for financial recording transactions into systems, financial report preparation, account receivable and payable management, Bank and cash activities management, payment auditing & supporting documents or receipts, Invoices & quotations issuance, financial documents management, assets control, assist on management report with commentary analysis on the financial result, Assisting on preparing and reviewing financial budget plan, Assisting develop operating manual and procedure ,Assisting review financial reports ensure accurate and reliable.

Prior to joining CAMFEBA, she used to work as shipping assistant at HUEY CHUEN (CAMBODIA) Co., Ltd. Then I worked as accounting assistant at SOKAN TRANSPORT Co., Ltd, accounting contractor at COMMUNLEGAL EDUCATION CENTER (CLEC), Administrative and Financial Assistant at Housing Rights Task Force (HRTF), Accountant at Housing Rights Task Force (HRTF). Through above positions, I have achieve worked involving in Budget planning, Review requests, invoices, preparation of receipt and payments, Banking activities, Computer Accounting and recording, Management of Cash on hand funds, Reporting & Prepare Tax Declaration Forms: Staff Salary, Benefits, office rental, consultants.., etc.

Ms. Srun Sopheap graduated her Bachelor Degree in Accounting of VANDA INSTITUTE OF ACCOUNTING. She completed a course on Ms Word & Ms Excel, Peachtree, Quick Book and M.Y.O.B at VANDA Institute, Intensive Labor Law at CLEC, Basic HIV/AIDS Response in the Workplace at KHANA, Experience and Practical on Cambodian Taxation at FICAR, Basic Financial Management at SILAKA and Financial Management for Finance Manager at VBNK.


Mr.Thy Chanrith     
PR & HR Executive  
Contact Info
Phone: +855 12 936 009 / 98 221 777

As PR and HR Executive of Cambodia Federation of Employees and Business Associations – CAMFEBA, he has the main roles and responsibilities coordinate the nomination for local & international workshop/event; planning, developing and implementing PR and HR strategies; communicating with colleagues and key spokespeople; Liaising with, and answering enquiries from media, individuals and other organizations, often via telephone and email; researching, writing and distributing speeches, press releases to targeted media; managing and updating information and engaging with users on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Website and Facebook; managing the PR aspect of a potential crisis situation. In addition, Chanrith also manage the HR and administrative tasks that involve employee relations, training and development, benefits, compensation, organizational development, and employment.

Before joining CAMFEBA, Chanrith has experienced working as HR & Admin at Mercury Hospitality Corp for over two years. He also worked as Marketing and PR at Young Entrepreneur Co., Ltd for three years. Furthermore, he has been promoted for training at Singapore for three months. After 5 years of working experiences, he has developed some essential skill such as communication skills, analytical and research skills, flexibility, interpersonal abilities, ability to make decision and solve the problems, ability to plan…. During the period of his employment at Mercury Hospitality Corp, he has organized in various projects and event management.

Mr. Chanrith graduated his BA in Marketing and he is currently studying Tax at National Tax School for upgrade his knowledge. He speaks Khmer and English very well.




Mr.Huot Mengleap     
IT Executive  
Contact Info
Phone: +855 031 4111 456

As IT Executive of Cambodia Federation of Employees and Business Associations – CAMFEBA, he has the main roles and responsibilities Maintenance All PC Device , Server , Managing IT Equipmentand develop Website . Researching new about Technology. Design and upload Event & Training on Web-site .

Before joining CAMFEBA, Mengleap has experienced working as IT at Computer Shop . After 2 years of working experiences, he has Maintenance skill , Web-Design skills, analytis PC Hard-ware.

Mr. Mengleap has continue year 3 in Program Code and Design Web-Site and Back-End Web-site . He speaks Khmer and English as well.




Mrs. Pol On    
Contact Info
Phone: +855 92 181 793 

As a Janitor of Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations – CAMFEBA, she has the main roles and responsibilities for office cleaning, kitchen and canteen arrangement, meeting and training room arrangement, guess welcoming, books and stationery keeping, general office guiding, assisting and supporting to all departments in the Federation.

Prior to joining CAMFEBA, she used to work as garment worker.

Mrs. On finished grade 6 at Chba Ampov School. She speaks Khmer very well.















Mr. Sao Chhan    


Contact Info
Phone: +855 97 90 40 198 

As a Messenger of Cambodian Federation of Employers and Business Associations – CAMFEBA, he has the main roles and responsibilities for documents and letter delivering, invoice and quotation delivering, payment collection, assisting and supporting to all departments in the Federation.

By joining CAMFEBA since 2007, he has lot of work experiences related to document and letter delivering and he also has the talent of location exploration in both Phnom Penh and City Outskirt.

Mr. Chhan finished grade 6 at Lvea primary school, Kandal province.He speaks Khmer very well and understands English and French.

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