Mr. Guillaume Massin, Head of the Regional Real Estate Practice Group and Managing DirectorDFDL Mekong (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd

Mr. Guillaume Massin Partner

“DFDL Mekong Cambodia, the first officially authorized foreign investment advisory and tax firm in Cambodia, has been a member of CAMFEBA since the very establishment of this Federation. In this respect, DFDL deeply appreciates the assistance and efforts of CAMFEBA over the years and we are proud to be counted among its members.

DFDL wishes to give due recognition to CAMFEBA’s outstanding efforts in helping to promote our firm by emphasizing our proven track record and dedication when it comes to assisting businesses and organizations in Cambodia. Having established itself as a highly effective representative of private entities and trusted by those seeking its services and recommendations, CAMFEBA also serves as a versatile forum to exchange information on Cambodian employment and labor matters. It continues to act as a bridge linking government bodies and private enterprises while facilitating fruitful and mutually beneficial connections and networking opportunities among each other. We wholeheartedly recommend CAMFEBA and are confident that our positive experience and highly performing relationship will persist long into the future”.


Mr. Hoeung Yong, HR DirectorPour un Sourire d'Enfant (PSE)

Mr. Hoeung Yong

“CAMFEBA has been one of the useful sources to refer to when in need of legal and compliance consultations and we are glad with their services.

The services that CAMFEBA provides and are useful for PSE include Legal Compliance, Training and Development, and Information Dissemination services. In addition to their website, CAMFEBA has several other effective channels to supply timely information and updates to our organisation through the registered emails and Facebook group chats. We have received direct and precise advice from CAMFEBA’s Legal Compliance team and it's always important to have a referent source of information, especially concerning Labour Law and other employment regulations, in making the right decision related to the staffing processes”.


Mrs. Klem Sophanary, Outsourcing and EOR Managing PartnerHRINC (Cambodia) Co., Ltd

Mrs. Klem Sophanary

“CAMFEBA remains one of the most important associations in Cambodia today, as we see the cost of labour and labour laws affecting the bottom-line of employers.

A member since 2005, we use the legal advisory services of CAMFEBA all the time, in particular to clarify implementation of new laws and regulations. Although often overlooked, we highly appreciate the expert translations of laws that CAMFEBA provides to its members. CAMFEBA is the most authoritative source of labour laws, labour management and development of social affairs policies in Cambodia”.



Mr. Sar Kinal, Executive DirectorAplus Consulting Co., Ltd.

Mr. Sar Kinal

“Aplus Consulting is not alone on an island, but is engaging with numerous business partners to contribute to change & develop the private sector in Cambodia. In this respect, On behalf of Aplus Consulting, I do appreciate & am very delighted to be a part of CAMFEBA as well.

CAMFEBA is Cambodia business HUB where local & international businessmen, investors, and professionals can help and access know-how or information from each other, and advocate together to prevent and create a better business environment in Cambodia. As human resource consulting, professional training consulting, incorporation facilitating and tax accounting consulting firm; my team & I have learnt a lot on industry update, law update, and profession update through various activities organized by CAMFEBA. I strongly recommend any business entities or professionals to join or be a part of CAMFEBA for any social or business activities and business networking altogether for our mutual, sector and social interest”.


Mr. Yang Navuth, Director, Country HR, DKSH (Cambodia) Ltd.

15. Mr. Yang Navuth, edit'CAMFEBA has been a substantial help for us. We are using their services and we are satisfied with their excellent quality of services rendered to us.'

'We are pleased to work with CAMFEBA’s team. CAMFEBA has provided us with professional Labor Law Consultancy Services, Training on topics related to Labor Law as well as Management skills and Government Compliance services during the last 3 years. We believe many businesses could need CAMFEBA to help them in certain areas.'




Ms. Nop Catherine, Former Human Resource DirectorArtisan d'Angkor, Siem Reap

Ms. Catherine Chau Chan NOPWe deeply appreciate your services as well as your activities. We often receive the support from CAMFEBA related to legal consultations and advice, especially Cambodia labor law matters.

Our staff has often received training from CAMFEBA with discount fee, as we are direct member. Useful training such as labor law, HR matters, trade union and NSSF…helps us much to smoothly operate our human resources department as well as other social activities.  Furthermore, CAMFEBA has created HR club that can help us to get informed and share ideas from each other. We thank you so much for the information you have shared especially legal update and parkas of Cambodian Government. We never forget to thank you for your help during the arbitration council process of case number 20/11.                                                                                                                                                              



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