Date:      Friday, July 01, 2011

Time:     2:00-5:00 p.m.

Venue:   Cambodian Federation of Emplyers and Business Associations Office (CAMFEBA)

                #44A, St. 320, Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang III, Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh.



1-       Ms. Sou Moniveark, Board Member

2-       Mr. Som Chamnan, Executive Manager

3-       Mr. Kaing Monika, Business Development Manager, GMAC

4-       Mr. Lun Yeng, Excecutive Director of Federation of Association for Small & Medium Enterprise of Cambodia (FASMEC)

5-       Mr. Theng Chhovirith, Programme officer of ILO

6-       Ms. Sok Dalis, Project Coordinator on Child Labour Project of CAMFEBA

7-       Ms. Koung Channaline, Project Assistant on Child Labour Project of CAMFEBA


1-       Mr. Van Sou Ieng, President of CAMFEBA

2-       Ms. Sandra D’amico, Vice President of CAMFEBA

3-       Mr. Teh Sing, Secretary General of CAMFEBA

4-       Ms. Van Porlim, Women’s Association of Small & Medium Business (WASMB)

5-       Ms. Van Porphin, P.P.S. Ltd.

6-       Mr. Ke Bin Soreasmey, Cambodian-French Chamber of Commerce (CCFC)

7-       Mr. Keo Sotha, AZ Group of Companies

8-       Mr. MP Joseph, Chief Technical Advisor of ILO IPEC


1-       Introduction of the representative of CAMFEBA


        The meeting started with a brief opening speech by Ms. Sou Moniveak.

2-       Introduction of Time Bound Programme (TBP) Phrase II of the ILO:


Mr. Theng Chhovirith, programme officer of ILO, presented the TBP Phase II - the Strategies, Relevant Outputs and Activities with Employers’ Organization:

  1. TBP Ph II Framework
  1. TBP Ph II Development Objective and Immediate Objectives
  1. Strategies Adopted under the TBP Ph II
  1. Target Provinces and Target Children/Families under the TBP Ph II
  1. Strategies and framework for Action Programme Supported the capacity development of employers’ organization to combat the WFCL, focusing also on safe migration for decent work for youth of working age.
  1. Modalities, Structures of CAMFEBA under the TBP Ph II.
  1. Budget, Time Frame and IA
  1. Action Plan to Be Taken

3-       Discussion on the challenges and gaps between phrase I and phrase II of CAMFEBA to recontextualize it within the RGC twin goals

        (Please find it in the attachment of the draft of CAMFEBA action plan)

4-       Discussion on expectation on the sensitization package to be developed in order to be desiminated to the employer communities, espcially to the garment factory owners:

-          Mr. Som Chamnan showed a set of 3 guide books which he brought here from ILO Geneva and these guides were: guide 1 “Introducing to the issue of child labour”, guide 2 “How employers can eliminate child labour”, and guide 3 “The role of employers’ organizations in combating child labour” – which you can find it in the ISBN: 9789221198208 (to search for these guides in the webside). He then said if we translated these guides for publishing and distributing to the employers it would be good as many important issues related to child labour have been mentioned in the guides, but in doing so, it would cost a lot of money.

-          Ms. Sou Moniveark added that we should select only the special parts of these booklets and compiled them as one guide for printing so that it would fit with the Cambodia Child Labour context. She continued that we had better develop a short 3-5 minutes inspiring video clip talking about Child Labour in Cambodia. This video should be played at the begining or at the end of any workshops or any important events in order to sensitize and encourage employers to get involved in combating child labour in their workplace or somewhere else.

-          Mr. Theng Chhorvirith said it was a very good and creative idea and as result, this would also cut down the cost of expenditure . However, additional fund was still needed to support these activities.

5-       Discuss on the Action Plan on the next meeting:

Due to the shortage of members in today meeting and as some members were no longer the members of this DG, Mr. Som Chamnan suggested to discuss about the development of the CAMFEBA’s Action Plan of the Child Labour Eliminaton Project Phrase II at the next meeting. He then asked Ms. Sok Dalis, Project Coordinator on Child Labour Project of CAMFEBA, to re-informe DG to make sure that they still wanted to be the DG of CAMFEBA and should also invite CAMFEBA members who can volunteer to be the DG to fullfil these vacancies.

6-       Conclusion on this meeting:

Mr. Theng Chhorvirith concluded and made some guidelines for the next meeting as in the following:

-          Develope the Minutes of the meeting on 01-July-2011 as the reference;

-         list down the challenges and gaps to be filled in that CAMFEBA discovered in the meeting for more discussion and comments in the next meeting;

-          Action Plan and other responses that should be prepared for more discussion and comments in the next meeting; and

-          Matrix and Time Frame that should be prepared for more discussion and comments in the next meeting.

7-       Other

The meeting was finally adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

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