The First Meeting of CAMFEBA Employer Focal Points on the Presetation of the Bimonthly Reports and the Discussion on the Work Done by them in the Targeted Areas of the Project


On 07 November 2011, the first meeting of CAMFEBA’s  employers' focal points was convened  at CAMFEBA office. This meeting was attended by all the eight focal points  coming from each targeted areas that were under the direct supervision of the CAMFEBA-ILO IPEC Child Labour Project.

Before stepping  into the detail of the meeting agenda, there was a short self-introduction so that all the participants could know each other well for the purpose of  closer relationship and  collaboration.

 This  meeting was conducted with two main purposes. First, it was to present about the implementation, achievements, challenges of the Child Labor Project and  the next activities implemented  by CAMFEBA toward the sucessful achivement of the Project. This presentation was made by Ms. Sok Dalis, the AP Coordinator. Another purpose was to collect  information from each focal point through their reports on what they had implementated during the two-month period as the employer's focal point in each of their own areas. In the presentation, they had shown the work done to combat child labour in their areas as well as the good practices and challenges that they had faced during the implementation. However, all of the raised challenges had been discussed and feedbacks had also been given to all the concerns during the meeting.

All in all, this was a very fruitful meeting as all of focal points had met  together and shared individual’s experiences on how they worked to combat child labor in their areas. More importantly, they also provided several  good examples, case studies, and  how they adviced the individual family, people who are working at their workplaces, the owners of the farm or factories  that are using children or how they cooperated with the other NGOs which are  also working with the same goal in eliminating child labour within their own areas. All of these precise  presentations were made by each of them and they were very happy to learn from each other and to get these good lessons learnt in order to improve themselves as well as to further implement all the related work in their areas more effectively.

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