The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is a universal call to action to end poverty, protect our planet, and guarantee that no one is left behind, have been adopted by 193 UN Member states in 2015, to which urgent global action among all sectors across the globe is crucial.


Cambodia started this process in late 2015 by reviewing and mapping the global goals and targets to national priorities. All 17 SDGs were selected and one additional goal, related to clearance of land mines and of Explosive Remnants of War (reflecting the national priority of de-mining Cambodia’s territory), was added. This resulted in a final version comprising: 18 Cambodian Sustainable Development Goals (CSDGs), 88 nationally relevant targets, and 148 (global and locally-defined) indicators included 96 as national indicators.







The SDGs highlight the need for improved cooperation between the public and private sectors. The implementation of SDGs at national level creates opportunities for engagement but also challenges to find mutually benefiting synergies. Businesses are seen as catalysts for social and environmental progress. However, the challenge is to shift towards an inclusive and sustainable approach of doing business instead of the traditional philanthropy.


Scope of Talk:

This special forum will be organized by CAMFEBA among its members to:

  1. Highlight the main features of SDGs and CSDGs and why they are relevant for the private sectors;
  2. Inspire with examples of SDGs-related activities implemented by others in the market

Further, the forum aims to answer these key questions:

  1. What does the private sector need to know about CSDGs with particular emphasis on Goal no. 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth?
  2. What are the possible driving actions that the private sectors can integrate the goals into the current business models and into their core business strategies?
  3. Opinion discussion on the possibility that companies may encounter in the integration and how CAMFEBA can follow up in our next year agenda.

07:30-08:20 Registration & breakfast
08:20-08:30 Opening by CAMFEBA
08:30-08:50 UN Global initiative 2030-SDGs
Speaker:Representative of UNDP Cambodia
08:50-09:20 Cambodia SDGs Pathway and its progressing
Speaker: Mr. San VannakrethDirector, Investment Planning Department
Genernal Directorate Of Planning,Ministry Of Planning
Group Work with the Participants
09:20-10:10 Discussion:Cambodia’s readiness for SDGs-How business can integrate
the goals into the current business models and strategies
- Mr. Vannakreth, Director, Investment Planning Department, General Directorate Of Planning
Ministry Of Planning
- Ms.Makiko Matsumoto, Employment Specialist of ILO
- Representative , of UNDP Cambodia
- Ms. Melanie Mossard , Venture Support Director of Impact Hub Phnom Penh
Moderator: Mr. Tep Sophoan, General Manager of CAMFEBA
10:10- Closing
+ Cancellation without charge should be made before 11 Dec 19.
+ Settle fee at registration desk, administration fee of 10$ will be grossed up if payment is made after the event.
+ The discussion will be in English !
+ 20$ / person for members of CAMFEBA
+ 30$ / person for non-CAMFEBA members
The price includes materials and refreshment
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    085 777 502 | 023 23 00 23
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Mr. San Vannakreth    Mr. Tep Sophoan
Director, Investment Planning Department   General Manager of CAMFEBA
Genernal Directorate Of Planning,  
Ministry Of Planning  
Mr. San Vannakreth


Mr. Tep Sophoan


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Melanie Mossard    Ms.Makiko Matsumoto
Venture Support Director   ILO Employment Specialist
Impact Hub Phnom Penh  
Melanie is here to help Hubbers connect, to tell the world about their incredible work and create exciting opportunities for the community of Phnom Penh...........  
Melanie Mossard

Melanie is here to help Hubbers connect, to tell the world about their incredible work and create exciting opportunities for the community of Phnom Penh. Passionate about social business, she is always inspired by the stunning Phnom Penh Hubbers. Through previous experiences working with start-ups in France, or in Colombia, she has built a strong experience in Community building, Event management and Digital Marketing. She is always bubbling with unstoppable energy!

Mélanie has a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship at IESEG School of Management (France), she is also completing a Certificate in Business Ethics and Sustainable Organization at IESEG.

Head to Melanie if you need any community support, or to tell her your latest news!

Ms. Makiko Matsumoto


Nick Bereford   
Country Director of UNDP Cambodia  
Nick Bereford



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