To keep members with the up-to-date information, CAMFEBA provides a responsive tool allowing our members to access to legal database regarding the recent regulations on the tax-related matter. And this legal database will offer the informative, with a variety of timely, relevant regulations including both Khmer and translated English language.

  • Royal Kram (Preah Reach Kram)

    • RK No.0405_04 Law on Approval on Vienne Convention on Consul [KH]
  • Sub Decree (Anu Kret)(New)

    • SD No.135_20 on Organizing and Functioning of National Committee of Consumer Protection (New) [KH]
    • SD No.134_20 on Determination of Type, Form and Procedure of License for Intermediary and Individual Providing Service Via Electronic and Exceptions (New) [KH]
    • SD No.17_20 on Introduction of list of Prohibited and Restricted [KH]
    • SD No.19_18 on National Day of Remembrance [KH] [ENG]
    • SD No.150_17 on National TVET Day [KH]
    • SD No.39_14 on Organizing and Functioning of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication [KH][ENG]
    • SD No.208_11 on Adjustment on ANNEX II of Sub Decree No 209 dated [KH]
    • SD No.209_07 on Introduction of list of Prohibited and Restricted [KH]
  • Ministry Order (Prakas)(New)

    • PK No.266_20 on Adjustment of rights and responsibilities to high ranked official at MoC (New) [KH]
    • PK No.346_20 on Tax on Capital Gains [KH]
    • Joint PK No.0256_20 on The Control of Business Registration and Brand Protection and Trade Name on Press and Radio Sectors (New) [KH]
    • PK No.025_18 on the Amendment of Classification of Taxpayers Under Self-assessment Regime [KH] [ENG]
  • Decision (Sech Kdei Sam Reach)

    • NA
  • Circulation (Sarachor)

    • NA
  • Instruction (Sech Kdei Nae Nam)

    • NA
  • Notification (Sech Kdei Choun Dam Neng) (New)

    • NF No.930_20 on Addinitional Notification on Payment measure for Covid19 Test and Return of Deposit Money to Traveller (New) [KH]
    • Announcement on the Adjustment of the requirement for the Ambassadors and the International Persons holding Visa A and B entering into CAMBODIA [KH]
    • Announcement Revision of Entry requirements for Foreign travelers [KH] [ENG]
    • NF No.0569_09 on New Model of Commerce Registration Certificate [ENG]
    • NF No.1414_06 on Documentary Requirements for Commercial Registrations 2006 [ENG]
    • NF No.1962_04 on Deposit of Capital in Bank [ENG]
  • Ministry Administration Guideline

    • Letter No.6133_20 on the Results of the Closed Meeting of Economic [KH]
    • Letter No 749 20 on The suspension of Water Festival Celebration [KH]
  • Other

    • NA

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